General FAQ

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If by chance our tome below doesn’t address your questions, please email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

About the Festival

What’s APAture?
APAture is Kearny Street Workshop’s annual multidisciplinary arts festival that presents and promotes art by local up-and-coming artists of Asian and/or Pacific Islander descent. For fourteen seasons, the festival has sparked dialogue around contemporary social issues, especially those that affect Asian and/or Pacific Islander communities, and inspired collaboration between artists and community members toward social action.

What’s Kearny Street Workshop?
Kearny Street Workshop is non-profit organization dedicated to producing, presenting, and promoting art that empowers Asian and/or Pacific Islander communities. Since 1972, KSW has offered adult arts education programs and multidisciplinary arts presentations to local community members. Learn more about us at

Is there a theme? What is it for this year?
This year, in honor of the 20th anniversary of APAture, our theme is DECLARE. DECLARE is an acknowledgement of both the legacies of our past and the legacies we'll establish in the future. We invite you to submit work related to legacies, families (chosen, biological, or beyond), communities, decolonization, representation, futurism, agency, and more. We also welcome work across all themes.

Who’s jurying and curating APAture?

A group of volunteers serving as the general planning committee (GPC) jury, curate, coordinate, and put on APAture each year. GPC members span a wide range of professions, and some of us are artists ourselves.

When and where is the festival?

APAture 2019 runs from October 4, 2019, to October 27, 2019, at various locations throughout San Francisco.

Volunteering for APAture

How do I volunteer to work the festival?

Please fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

Can I join the general planning committee?

The committee for APAture 2019 is already set. If you’d like to be a part of the GPC for the 2020 festival, please email us at, and we’ll reach out in January of next year.

Making a Donation

I’d like to contribute to the local APA arts community in some other way. How can I make a donation?

We’re glad you asked. Your generosity makes our festival and arts programs possible. We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign for APAture. You can donate here.  Or you mail your donation to:

  • Kearny Street Workshop

  • Attn: Mihee Kim, Managing Director

  • P.O. Box 14545

  • San Francisco, CA 94114-0545

Checks can be made out to Kearny Street Workshop and please include APAture 2018 in the memo field.