#KSW45 Mixtape

photos by Paciano Triunfo and Bob Hsiang

photos by Paciano Triunfo and Bob Hsiang

Over 45 years, Kearny Street Workshop has worked with scores of artists. We launched the Asian American Jazz Festival in 1981 after writer George Leong and publisher Paul Yamazaki approached KSW to support this growing cadre of Asian American musicians. For 17 years KSW showcased talented Asian American musicians, writers, and visual artists who can trace their career paths back to the jazz festival

In more recent years KSW has supported a number of artists through various programs including our emerging artist showcase, APAture, and our body positive fashion showcase, Celebrate Your Body.

Oliver Wang aka DJ O-Dub is a friend to KSW in addition to being an NPR music reviewer and co-host of the podcast Heat Rocks. He pulled together this set based on the list of musicians that span KSW’s 45-year history.

Tickets to our 45th anniversary gala have sold out but you can still help by donating $45 to commemorate KSW's 45 years


Track Listing

00:00 Bobby Enriquez - Killer Joe

6:00 AstraLogik - Butterflies

10:34 Cassandra Farrar + the Left Brains - Moving Out

14:46 D-Styles - John Wayne on Acid

15:48 Vijay Ayer - Mystic Brew

20:59 Glenn Horiuchi - Dance For A Nisei Hipster

27:23 Flip Nunez - See You Later

34:35 Micropixie - Nice Dream

38:18 Himalayan Project - Guerilla Wordsmiths

41:38 Deems Tsutakawa - Tough Tofu

46:08 Scrabbel - Dream So Easy

49:36 Hiroshima - Crusin J Town

52:45 Jon Jang -Butterfly Lovers Song

Jason Bayani