Office Gallery: Somapagmahal

SoMapagmahal-- a combination of the English adverb, “so”, and “mapagmahal”, a Tagalog-Filipino  adjective  that  describes someone  who is loving,  caring and empathetic  (and can be  retranslated  to “so, very loving”)--  is a  timely  project celebrating  the  resilience  of  our  Galing  Bata  youth.  Through  a  five - month mentorship by select  teaching  artists, our  SoMapagmahal youth artists learned to use  photography as a tool  for self-empowerment  and community  advocacy. Their  works  are a result  of their  praxes in  Philippine  colonial history,  Filipinx/Filipinx-American  documentary  photography, family portraiture, a visiting artist lecture and our SoMa ethnotour neighborhood walks. 


About the Exhibition

This  traveling  exhibit of their  35mm photography,  along with a zine, expresses these  youth’s  collective  cultural  memories  of SoMa  and  beyond  at a specific, critical  time.  As  audiences, we are  constantly  humbled  by the  generosity and empathy of our youth artists in engaging us and one another as cultural producers.