Reincarnation // Tensei Acrylic on Canvas 24 in x 30 in 2013

Reincarnation // Tensei
Acrylic on Canvas
24 in x 30 in

Currently on exhibit: Maya Fuji


Kokoro (meaning soul/heart in Japanese) is a series of screen prints and water color paintings that address Maya Fuji's upbringing of being raised in a multicultural and multinational family. The prints address a blend of emotional trauma, identity crisis, and lack of confidence she experienced as a youth, alongside a sense of strength and pride she felt as someone who could become a bridge between two cultures. Her images of feminine figures are spirits of her dream space, here to tell a story about her experience of being mixed race, mixed culture, and mixed national.


About the Artist

Born in Japan and raised in the Bay Area, Maya Fuji's art is inspired by both her cultural heritage as well as the local cultures of the SF Bay Area. A self taught artist, she has explored many mediums, including screen printing, acrylic painting, collage art, and water color painting. Her work explores themes of traditional Japanese myths and folklore within the context of modern day society and pop culture. Each piece has a story to tell-- historical legends, lessons and ghost stories of the "Ukiyo (floating world)" era, reimagined through the lens of the digital age.

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Instagram: @fuji1kenobe