Audience at Music Showcase Digital photo 11” x 9” 2015

Audience at Music Showcase
Digital photo
11” x 9”

Currently on view: Anth bongco

These Must Be the Places

These Must Be the Places, a spin from the Talking Head’s Song: This Must Be the Place, represents the people that inspire others through art and the people that make it happen. I wanted to showcase great moments in Kearny Street Workshop hxstory and pay homage to the hard working people, volunteers and APAture coordinators who need just as much spotlight.


About the Artist

Anth Bongco is a second generation Pilipino American. He is a photographer in the South of Market SoMA PILIPINAS neighborhood shooting for various community organizations including Kearny Street Workshop.

Anth first got involved in Kearny Street Workshop when APAture 15 coordinator Sunny Choi invited him to take pictures for some of the showcases that year. Even after his years in the General Planning Committee, Anth still continues to share his photography and gifts to the community.

Anth Bongco graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.A. in Art Practice.